INEI has been created with the main goal to perform basic and applied research on energy related issues in order to contribute to solve what could be the most serious problem that humankind has ever had to afford.

Today, when we heard about the energetic crisis, we all tend to think in occasional events of political origin with temporal effects like those ones occurring at the `70.

However, in the 21th century the situation is very different: we have the world economy, and our entire civilization based on fossils fuels, in particular in oil, and them provide more that 80 % of the energy we consume.

Oil is a finite and precious resource that we have reduced to a half of the total reserves in less than 100 years. This, besides of the disastrous consequences for the environment, is putting the problem to find an alternative energy source that allow us to prevent the deterioration of the world economy.

Unfortunately, such alternatives are not presently available and, for that reason, the scientific and technological research is, probably, the only way to find an acceptable solution.

Nevertheless, scientific research alone cannot provide all the solutions and a major commitment will be also required from the world political leaders. They must take the right actions thinking in the effects their decitions will have on whole world population and on the future generations.

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